How to Grow a Kratom Tree


For centuries, the native people from Southeast Asia have enjoyed kratom by chewing the fresh leaves of the kratom tree. In the rest of the world, we find kratom in powder made of its dried leaves. But what if you want to consume kratom fresh leaves? Learn here how to grow a kratom tree.


Kratom and Its Properties


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree that grows naturally in Southeastern Asia. Kratom’s alkaloids (such as mitragynine and 7-OHM) act upon the opioid receptors in our brain. Thus, they produce effects similar to those of opiates. But without their dangerous side effects, because kratom is not an opiate. Thanks to its alkaloids, kratom can bring about many benefits. It is an effective pain reliever. It mitigates the symptoms of depression and alleviates anxiety. And it is very helpful in coping with opiate withdrawal.


Is It Legal to Grow a Kratom Tree?


That is a question that concerns many users who are thinking of cultivating a kratom tree. Is it legal to grow a kratom tree where I live? Well, the answer is not that easy. It is not possible to simply answer yes or no to that question. It will depend on the legal status of kratom where you live. There are places where kratom is completely legal. Whereas in others kratom is not legal for human consumption. But you can use it for other uses, such as aromatherapy or incense. So, prior to attempting to grow a kratom tree, make sure it is legal in your country or state.


How to Grow a Kratom Tree: Basic Tips


kratom tree

If you are thinking of growing a kratom tree, there are several questions you may be wondering right now. Can I grow a mitragyna speciosa tree? How fast does kratom grow? Can I grow kratom indoors? Let’s explore all the tips and steps to grow a kratom tree successfully.

A kratom tree can reach up to 50 feet high. That’s a lot. But it goes without saying that the kratom plants you will find for sale are not that tall. Actually, they’re usually quite small. Thus, they’re easy to ship (shipping a 50 feet tree is far from being easy!). But they’re not too small, or the shipping process could damage them. In any case, if you want to buy a kratom plant, check the size before buying it. By doing this you’ll make sure it fits your needs.


The Best Climate to Grow a Kratom Tree


Kratom natural environment

A crucial factor to consider when growing a kratom tree is the climate of the place you live. You will need to mimic kratom’s natural conditions as much as possible. Thus, you’ll guarantee the successful growth of your kratom plant. Kratom is native to warm, humid regions. If you intend to cultivate kratom in a place with this type of weather, you can grow your plant outdoors. On the other hand, if you live a cold or dry place, it is wise to grow your kratom tree indoors, with artificial lighting.




Whether you grow your kratom plant indoors or outdoors, you must use a moist soil. It needs to be humid. However, it must also drain well. Otherwise, if the soil is wet all the time, the fungus could grow and kill the tree. Also, too much water could even “drown” the roots. The soil must also be nutrient-rich, with a high content of nitrogen. A humus-rich soil is a great choice if you want to grow a kratom tree. Also, make sure you fertilize the soil regularly.




When you ask yourself how to grow a kratom tree, light is a very important issue. If you plant your kratom tree outdoors, the light shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you do it in a place that mimics kratom’s natural environment.

But if you plan to grow your kratom tree outdoors, you’ll need artificial light. Most people agree that HPS grow lights are great for growing a kratom tree indoors. But HPS lights are expensive. Some users report that using a good LED lamp, or even a regular 18-watt lamp will also work. But bear in mind that this could depend on the size of your plant. And on how fast you want it to grow.


Where Can I Buy a Kratom Tree?


There are several vendors online that sell kratom trees. You can try Kratom Eye, for instance. In reddit you’ll find information about where to buy kratom plants. But before buying a kratom tree online, we recommend you follow the tips below.


Tips to Buy a Kratom Tree


Make sure you have the correct environment for growing a kratom plant.

If you’re going to grow it outdoors, prepare the soil and the place.

If you’re going to grow it indoors, buy the lamps, the soil and everything you need.

Do this before receiving your kratom plant. Kratom trees are delicate. They won’t stand fresh if you delay in preparing their environment!

Contact the sellers and ask them the age and size of the kratom trees they offer. Kratom leaves will be ready for harvest when the tree is 2 or 3 years.

Find out where the vendor is located. If the vendor is not in your country, you could find your tree stopped at customs.


Kratom Seeds


Sure, many people wonder if kratom seeds are a good choice to grow a kratom tree. Kratom seeds are cheaper than kratom plants or trees. And they’re easier to ship! But that’s where the advantages end.

The main problem with kratom seeds is that they need to be fresh. Very fresh. Otherwise, kratom seeds won’t be viable. Kratom seeds are viable only for a few days. Therefore, buying fresh seeds is difficult. Especially if you buy them online. If you buy kratom seeds from a vendor in Asia, chances are they’re not fresh when you receive them. And not because the vendor is trying to scam you! Not at all. The vendor is probably acting in good faith. But shipping plants and seeds implies a complex process. Vendors may need to fill a lot of paperwork. And there’s also the risk of having your seeds stopped at customs. Remember that there are restrictions on the import and export of plants.

That said, there may be vendors selling kratom seeds directly from your country. Or from another country without customs restrictions. That will help you get fresh seeds. But seeds are not easy to grow. You’ll need to be more cautious than if growing a kratom tree. Kratom seeds don’t grow easily. Because of that, you’ll need hundreds of seeds to obtain a few viable plants.

And you’ll also need to be patient. Kratom trees are not ready for harvest until they’re 2 or even 3 years old.


How to Grow a Kratom Tree from Kratom Cuttings


If you already have a mature kratom tree, you can grow new plants by kratom cuttings. This technique consists of growing a new plant from a small branch of a mature plant. They’re like the plant’s “children” if you wish.

Cut a small branch of your kratom tree with a pair of shears. Make a clean cut and do not crush the branch! This is the cutting.

You’ll notice the branch have small nubs on its surface. It is from these nubs that the roots of the new plants will grow.

Put the cutting in a container with water. You can use a jar, a glass… Make sure the water is covering the nubs. You can add some fertilizer to the water. There are people who even add a bit of bleach to avoid bacteria. This may not be necessary if you keep the container clean.

Keep the leaves of the cutting outside the water. Otherwise, they’ll rot.


Kratom cuttings transferred into soil
Kratom cuttings transferred into soil


Swap out the water every day. Also, you’ll need to wash the container with a disinfectant soap. This will help you prevent bacteria. Bacteria can kill your cuttings very quickly. Therefore, keeping the container and the water fresh is crucial.

Keep your cuttings indoors, near a window. However, you’ll need a mesh filter or any other filter between your cuttings and the light. If you don’t use a filter, the plants could get burned. Some users prefer to use a grow light. Grow light usually filter out the UV rays. Thus, you won’t need an extra filter. And your new kratom plants will grow faster. Nonetheless, grow filters can be expensive.

In a few days, you’ll see small roots growing from the nubs. Once the roots are healthy enough (about 8 inches in length), you can transfer them into the soil. There must be at least a few roots to do that.

Alternatively, you can use a hydroponic system to grow your kratom cuttings. This system implies growing your kratom cuttings in nutrient-rich water rather than in soil.