Are Kratom Capsules Worth the Price?

kratom capsules

When kratom was first introduced in the US, typically one could only find it as regular kratom powder or crushed leaf. But as kratom is gaining popularity across the country, more and more vendors, formats, and ways of using the plant are arising. Thanks to its convenience, one of the most popular kratom formats are kratom capsules. But there is a downside to it, typically kratom capsules are more expensive than loose kratom powder. So, why do so many people rather pay the price than buy a cheaper format? We will explore this in this post. Keep reading to discover: are kratom capsules worth the price?


The Different Kratom Formats


When researching a kratom product, you have probably noticed that most vendors offer kratom in many different formats. Let’s see them in detail:

  1. Regular kratom powder is made by drying and crushing the kratom leaves to obtain a fine powder. This is the most common kratom format and it’s usually cheaper. To consume kratom powder, you can use the toss n’ wash method (simply scoop it into your mouth and swallow), or you can mix it with water, juice or foods.
  2. Kratom powder extracts are also in powder format. The difference with regular kratom powder is that kratom extract is a more potent product. But the way to use it is exactly the same as regular kratom powder.
  3. Kratom tinctures or liquids are a more potent kratom format. They are a type of kratom extract that comes in small bottles that usually contain 1-2 servings. The simpler way of using kratom liquids is just by drinking the bottle content.
  4. Kratom drinks are gaining popularity in recent times. They are flavored drinks that contain kratom among their ingredients. They are a good option for those who look to mask kratom’s taste.
  5. Kratom gummies are also made with kratom and flavored to mask their taste. The best thing about gummies is that they are very convenient to use on the go.
  6. Kratom capsules are made with regular kratom powder or kratom powder extracts. To use them, you just need to swallow them with the help of some water.

The different kratom formats have also different prices. Obviously, the products that need more processing are more expensive.


Why Are Kratom Capsules More Expensive?


Although kratom capsules are not the most expensive kratom product on the market, they are more costly than regular kratom powder. Most vendors use the same kratom powder to make kratom capsules, these can be up to 30-50% more expensive. But how is this possible?

The majority of vendors don’t have the ability to capsulate their own kratom capsules, so they need to hire a company that does it for them. And this is not always the easiest thing. As you know, kratom is a controversial plant, so not every company is willing to take this job. For this reason, there are not too many encapsulating Companies to choose from so the few ones that do it are charging high fees to do it.

Are Kratom Capsules Worth the Price?


Now that you know the reason why kratom capsules are more expensive, you need to decide whether to buy them or not. So, are kratom capsules worth the price? The answer is… it depends.

There are various reasons why people prefer to pay more for kratom capsules:

  • They are easier to use. Using kratom capsules is as simple as swallowing the capsule. Usually, they contain a proper dose for most users, so you don’t need to measure the powder.
  • You won’t feel the strong flavor of kratom powder. Some individuals just can’t handle kratom’s taste, no matter what they mix it with, it’s too much for them. If you are one of these people, you will probably prefer to pay the price difference.
  • You can carry kratom capsules everywhere, this is very convenient, especially if you want to use them in a public place without having to give explanations.

So, taking all of these into consideration, you may prefer to buy kratom capsules than regular powder.


Where To Buy Kratom Capsules


So, are kratom capsules worth the price for you? If the answer is yes and you have decided to buy kratom capsules, you may wonder what the best place to buy them is. There are some things that you should consider before choosing a vendor:

  1. Does your usual vendor offer kratom capsules? If you have a vendor of choice that has always been reliable, you may want to give their capsules a go.
  2. Look for a vendor who tests its kratom in an independent lab.
  3. Vendors who use their own kratom powder to make their capsules are usually a good idea since there would be consistency across their products.
  4. Look for a vendor who offers a good refund policy in case the product is not what you expected.
  5. If the website looks well done and well cared for, it usually means that the vendor takes care of its image and its products.
  6. Do not trust prices that look too cheap when you compare them to other vendors, it usually means lower quality.


Alternatives To Buying Kratom Capsules


Are kratom capsules worth the price for you? If the answer is no, but you still want to enjoy their benefits, there are some alternatives that may work:

  1. Making your own kratom capsules can be easy if you have the proper tools, and the market is full of them. If you plan to make a lot of capsules, you may want to invest in a manual capsule filling device.
  2. Use oblate discs. They are edible thin discs made of potato starch. You can fill them with your kratom dose and swallow them with a gulp o water.

As you see there’s no answer to the question of whether or not kratom capsules are worth the price. It depends on your personal preference!